About Us


SenecaGirlsHoops.com is a website focusing on both current and future Seneca Girls Basketball players.  We would like to use this website as a foundation to provide information regarding the program as a whole from posting about the current varsity, junior varsity and freshman teams to summer camps and clinics!

What does it mean to be a part of the Seneca girls basketball program?

Four concepts: Dedication, Commitment, Hard Work and Family Atmosphere.  We believe these four concepts are the foundation for a successful program.  We want to create a program that is known for its family atmosphere, its cohesiveness starting with the youth programs and finishing with the high school program.

As a part of Seneca girls basketball expect to learn more than just the game of basketball.  That is simply the avenue in which we can teach the game of life.  Here at Seneca, we plan to be positive role models and spend time learning about each young girl that enters the program and congratulate them as a young lady on their way out.  Basketball provides the opportunity to teach many life skills such as respect, communication, teamwork, discipline, accountability and adversity.  These are the core values that are taught on all levels on a daily basis.